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Question: I paid for my order with PayPal, but my order was shipped to my billing address and not the shipping address I have on file with Paypal?

Answer: We accept Paypal as a form of payment, like Mastercard or Visa. We do not have a shipping address for you on file unless you enter it into our checkout form. Please contact us as soon as possible should you notice any errors.

We also offer "PayPal Express" checkout. With this method, we rely on your PayPal ship to address.

Question: I ordered a 44 inch wind chime, and it came in a box that was only 35 inches. Did you send me the wrong size?

Answer: No, we did not. The top cap, and wind sail fold up neatly into a smaller size box then the chime would if it was hanging up. The overall length of the chime (when hanging up) is usually expressed in inches measured from the top of the ring/hook to the bottom of the sail. This is true for every chime we have.

Question: I ordered an engraved chime. On the sales receipt the engraving I entered is not the same?

Answer: Occasionally, some email clients will display your sales receipt engraving with extra characters (? : , ) or not properly centered etc. We will correct this before engraving. What you entered is what we will engrave.

Question: I ordered a 50 inch wind chime, and the longest tube is only 36 inches? Did you send me the wrong size?

Answer: No, we did not. The length and thickness of the tubes allow the chime to be tuned to a musical note. The overall length of the chime (when hanging up) is usually expressed in inches measured from the top of the ring/hook to the bottom of the sail. This is true for every chime we have and we show this overall size.

Question: How fast can I order and receive an engraved item?

Answer: Most of the time we can engrave and ship within 24 hours. During high seasons, April, May, November, and December, we may take 48 hours or more before shipment.

Question: I left a note for you on the checkout page in the box labeled "Company Name" and you never answered?

Answer: No, we did not. Because we never read it. Our shipping is automated. No one gets a chance to see a shipping address until the label prints. If you have a question, request, etc. write to us at [email protected] , we want to help you.

Question: I ordered a windchime tuned to the first six notes of my favorite melody, but it only plays those notes in a random order?

Answer: While all our wind chimes are tuned to a melody, scale, or chord, they are largely driven by wind, so the wind will play them in random order.

Question: Why can't I fit just a few more characters on my engraved sail?

Answer: It all comes down to the amount of space available. Each chime that we can engrave has a certain number of characters (letters/numbers/spaces) that will fit on the sail. A bigger wind chime will have a bigger sail, and more available space to engrave.

Question: I ordered a wind chime, and two weeks later the same chime went on sale. Can I get a refund of the difference?

Answer: No, we do not offer post-order price matching when an item's price drops after you buy it. Our prices regularly change, and the price you paid when your order shipped was the lowest price we were able to offer at that time. We consistently offer competitive prices on everything we carry because we know low prices are very important to our customers.

Hint: We have two main sales periods a year. Before Mother's Day, and before the year end holidays. Otherwise we have monthly specials on selected wind chimes.

Question: I ordered a wind chime, and changed my mind after it was shipped. Can I refuse delivery and receive a refund?

Answer: No, once an order ships from our warehouse, the item is yours. Exceptions include returning an order under our 30 day money back return policy. We take returns on everything except engraved, personalized, or special orders. Please review our Returns & Exchanges page:

Question: I ordered a wind chime, and need to change my ship to address, but I already received my shipping notice.

Answer: Your order has shipped and we can not alter the ship to address while in transit due to the risk of loss. It has been our experience that changing the ship to address while in transit will almost always cause the carrier to lose your order and you will pay additional moneys in the form of change of address fees to the carrier.

Question: I have my order set to ship as a gift. Will pricing be shown on the receipt, and is that included in the package?

Answer: No. We use packing slips that show only the item ordered. No pricing is shown on this packing slip.

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