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About Us

Our hearts go out to anyone who’s been impacted by the virus.

Whimsicalwinds.com is open for business, but we are focused on the health and safety of our employees, communities and customers. We are following the advice of the CDC and local authorities.

We have a great team that is here for you. We realize that we’re all connected like never before. We are called upon to be our best selves, with patience, understanding and compassion. On behalf of all of us at Whimsicalwinds.com, we are committed to serving you and persevering together in the days ahead.

Welcome to Whimsicalwinds.com! We offer a large and extensive selection of Wind Chimes, Wind Spinners,and Wind Sculptures.

We are a very small family business started in 1999 with the birth of our second daughter and a search for some way to support ourselves while one of us stayed home to care for the children. We had big dreams, small money, a growing family

So we started selling garden art and used garden tools at flea markets along the east coast on weekends. We remembered very nice hand made and tuned wind chimes that we had seen sold at flea markets years before and we just loved a set we had gotten there. So, there it really started for us.

At about the same time eBay started getting more popular so we moved from flea markets to online to sell our chimes.

Worked well for a time but eBay soon became too crowded for us to stand out any longer so we developed our own website in 2006. We did everything ourselves. From pictures to graphics to design to recording each different wind chime sound and put it all on the internet. Step by step we figured it out. All five of us put in something

One day a customer called and asked us to add an engraved name to a wind sail from one of our chimes. We didn't have a clue how to do it so we took the sail to an engraver and it turned out so nice we wanted to do it for all of our chimes.

In 2010 we got our first engraver, a 35 watt Laser for wooden wind sails. We set it up in the basement and learned how to use. From there we grew. We now own two lasers and two CNC engravers and we work from a 2500 square foot building

Like so many other Americans we put everything we ever had into it. We dove into the deep end and learned how to swim. We went from struggling to earn enough to pay the flea market booth rental fee to selling thousands of engraved wind chimes every year. No matter how hard it got, and it did, we just told each other to keep on swimming. All five of us still work together today, although we added a grade school friend of one of the kids a few years back and now we are six.

Over these last 20+ years we learned a few things. America is truly the land of opportunity, but you need to work for it, you need to risk everything and you need at least a little good luck. Our good luck came in the form of three wonderful people whom we taught to Just keep swimming.

Every item we feature in our store is hand picked by us, and we feature “Made in the USA” quality wind chimes, and garden art. If you're looking for a way to add a decorative musical touch of chimes, or garden art to your home or patio, or a gift to someone special, you've come to the right place. You'll find over 600 items to choose from, and our checkout process is quick, safe and secure.

We hope you will consider us anytime you need a musical, personalized gift, memorial, or just a lovely way to hear the sweet sounds of a wind chime in your backyard.

Thank you for reading this and shopping with us.


Established 2006 | Finely Tuned Music Snatched from the Air
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